Sunday, March 23, 2008

The heart says it is time to stop, rewind and fast forward.

Time reflects the essence of life. Man tend to disregard the past for the arrogance that they were born with thought them to be self-sufficient. And that very fact has become the pit fall of civilization itself.

I experienced the PRU12 in a daze. Shocked yet relieved. Relieved by the fact that for once in the history of my beloved country, justice has shown its true face.

But a few days after, doubtfulness bequeath me. Conflicting thoughts crept into my mind. And chaos catches the steeping calmness of my heart.

Are we in reality equipped to face this challenge? Is this a test from God? Will the curse of arrogance bring us down again?

The time has come. This is the time to reflect. The time to move forward. The time to think beyond what is in the now. To work harder than before. To have the courage to LIVE the TRUTH!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Take a leap of faith

When you feel you are tired,
Of becoming a puppet,
To mere expectations,
Take a leap of faith.

When you think you've had enough,
Of succumbing yourself,
To petty desires,
Take a leap of faith.

When you think,
You have no one to turn to,
Take a leap of faith,
And turn to Allah.