Friday, February 27, 2009


It does not count if you believe in yourself when it's easy to believe in yourself. It does not count if you believe the world can be a better place when the future looks bright. It does not count if you think you're going to make it when the finish line is right in front of you.

It counts when it's hard to believe in yourself, when it looks like the world's going to end and you've still got a long way to go.

That's when it counts. That's when it matters the most.

Di bumi Ilahi

But if they turn away, say "Allah is sufficient for me. La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He), in Him I put my trust and He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne."
(Quran At-Taubah - 9: 129)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The choices we make

Perasaan itu bukan mudah untuk dicari. Ia takkan datang dengan sendiri tanpa usaha dari tuan empunya diri. Awal-awal dulu saya terfikir, jika ini yang terbaik untuk setiap manusia, mengapa Sang Pencipta tidak tiupkan sahaja perasaan itu terus ke dalam setiap insan ciptaannya? Mengapa kita diberi pilihan jika memang dengan adanya pilihan tersebut boleh membawa kita lebih jauh dariNya?

Tapi disitulah letaknya keindahan kasih sayang dan keadilan Allah Yang Maha Esa.

Mungkin perlu kaitkan dengan perkara yang lebih manusiawi. Seperti seorang ibu yang membiarkan anaknya mebuat pilihan sendiri walaupun dia tahu perkara itu mungkin bukan yang terbaik untuk anaknya. Kenapa? Kerana dia mahu anaknya sendiri belajar erti kehidupan tanpa dipaksa-paksa.

And with that ability to choose and experience comes wisdom and maturity. And so they say, experience is the best teacher of all.

He presented to us two paths to follow, the True Path and the Path of Deceit, but albeit all that He Presented us with the choice and ability to choose.

Oh how Just and Loving He is! We take Him for granted, we take His Kindness and Compassion with little appreciation.

And, so, we procrastinate.

But how much time do we have left to choose? What if we die tomorrow?

(91: 7-10) By the Soul, and the proportion and order given to it; And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right; Truly he that purifies it succeeds, And he that corrupts it fails !

(91:7-10) Demi jiwa serta penyempurnaannya (ciptaannya), maka Allah mengilhamkan kepada jiwa itu (jalan) kefasikan dan ketaqwaan, sungguhnya beruntunglah orang yang mensucikan jiwa itu, dan sesungguhnya merugilah orang yang mengotorinya.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Finding strength

I find myself lacking.

God, please, help me find that strength.
For truth's sake.

Friday, February 20, 2009

And your heart will finally know peace

Since the moment I received what most Muslims would call hidayah or the calling to the true path, I have always wanted to share what it felt yet but I could never bring myself to actually write down my feelings. It might also be due to the fact that although I am thankful to Allah for showing me this beautiful path and for showering on me His Divine Love, I am still embarrassed by the stark reality that when I claim that I am trying to be a true Muslim -- I still lack so much in my attitude, my patience, the way I treat people, the way I treat my friends and family members and the foolish things I still do even though I know I shouldn't be doing it.

So, I've been reading this book written by Jeffrey Lang who is an American who reverted to Islam in his twenties after being an atheist for many years. He really touched my heart with his writings in so many ways that I myself can't describe it in words. What he wrote related so much to me it almost felt like he was telling my story (yes, you should read this book to know more, hehhe) for me . Although I am a Muslim since birth and have been living in a Muslim community since like forever (21 years at that time to be exact), I honestly consider myself a revert to Islam only about two years ago.

Those who know me and who are reading this may disagree or may even get hurt by my statement. I hope you understand that I am not trying to degrade anyone by saying that I have only truly known what Islam really is and what it stands for for 2 years only after so many years of being taught how to pray, how to read the Quran and how to act like a Muslim by my parents and teachers. Please take note that those who taught me and nurtured me have done what's best that is in their power to pass on to me their faith the best that they can, but in the end only Allah can open our hearts to what is true with our choice to accept the truth.

With that, I would like to share here some writtings of Professor Jeffrey that had really striked a chord in the depths of my heart because in so many ways it is exactly what I felt when I first felt a touch of divinity once a long time ago. May Allah have mercy on him.

Many of us, after reading the Qur'an, stood paralyzed on the bridge of indecision, which streches between faith and rejection, our material dreams and our hopes for the hereafter, our worldly desires and our spiritual needs. There were sleepless nights, seemingly endless pacings, haunting visions of our families' and friends' reactions, verses of the scripture that echoed in our minds, worries about our careers and our futures, and, worst of all, the emptiness of seperation from the One who touched us and spoke to us through His revelation. Of those who knew this agony, some turn and fled, never to return. Yet there are also those who gave up resistance and ran with outstretched arms into the merciful embrace of their Lord, who surrendered themselves to their deepest needs and fell into an ocean of kindness and love.

Those who choose Islam soon discover that, for the rest of their lives, they will have to face the following question repeatedly:"How did you bacome a Muslim?". They will formulate various partial explanations at different times according to the context in which it is asked. However, all of us who made that decision know that even we cannot fully comprehend it, for the wisdom and workings of God are often subtle and unfathomable. Perhaps the simplest and truest statement we can offer is this: At one special moment of our lives - a moment that we could never have forseen when we were younger - God, in His infinite knowledge and kindness, had mercy on us. Maybe He saw in us a need so great, a pain so deep, or an emptiness so vast. And maybe, He also saw in us a readiness. However He made it come to be, to Him we are eternally thankful. Truly, all praise and thanks belong to God.

Monday, February 16, 2009

To that special someone

Change we can believe in, said B. Obama.

You must be the change you want to see in the world, said Mahatma Gandhi.

Change can be good, said someone I know.

But change can be difficult and daunting. Change takes a lot of effort and perseverance. Change sometimes can make us double back to what we were before we decided to change because the 'before' appeals so much more to our manly desires.

Only the courageous can be brave enough to take that first step. But only those who have patience and grit can remain in their steadfastness towards change.

I don't claim to be perfect and most definitely I often double back to my evil ways sometimes myself. That is why I believe that humans especially Muslims should always be there to support each other for the goodness and change towards what is positive that we try to acheive. It is not easy because we have to go against our earthly desires which are not always good for us and the whisperings of Shaiytan. But be content knowing that it will be rewarded, insyaAllah, if not in this life then in the next.

To that special someone, I pray to Allah that you will hold true to your new found dedication. I promise you that we will be there for each other, because Believers are those who help each other in Faith!

I see all the potential in you today and I am proud to say that I've known you all my life (you know who you are when you read this). And I thank Allah for giving you THE BEST. And you know what the best is, right? ;)

Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (within their own souls)” AlQuran - 13: 11

I love you... because of Allah.

PS: And to those who are reading, this, nope this person is not a guy! Thank you very much. Hehhe. =P

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh! Oh!

Have you ever gone through a period of heartbreaks and downfalls only to be revived again so much livelier than before?

Then only you realize that every thing that you've gone through has existed solely to test your perseverance and patience for what you truly believe in.

It is sooo rejuvenating! Oh! Oh! Alhamdulillah.

I have found my faith again. =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Something that's hovering my mind

Pernah tak rasa diri tersepit,
seperti sempit segala-galanya?

Ah, kalau orang lain boleh buat kenapa saya tak boleh buat pula? Bukannya buat jahat pun.

Tapi kan Allah kata tak boleh, kenapa awak nak buat lagi?

Saya tau, tapi takkan Allah sengaja nak menyeksa saya kut? Awak ni, takkanlah Allah sebegitu zalim. Mesti Dia nak saya bahagia kan. Kalau ini membahagiakan saya, apa salahnya. Awak dengki, saya tau.

Awak rasa Allah tau tak keinginan awak? Awak rasa Allah tau tak kelemahan awak? Awak rase Dia tau tak apa yang terbaik untuk awak?

Eh, mestilah Dia tahu. Dia yang cipta saya. Awak saje nak perli saya ye?

Bukan, saya tak bermaksud begitu. Hmm, cuba awak fikir kalau dia tau keinginan, kelemahan dan apa yang terbaik untuk awak, mestilah apa-apa yang Dia tetapkan takkan mengzalimi awakkan, betul tak?

Haa, betullah tu. Habis tu?

Jadi kalau Dia kata sesuatu itu sepatutnya ditinggalkan, mestilah itu yang terbaik untuk awak dan eventually akan membahagiakan awak. Mungkin bukan sekarang tapi suatu hari nanti. Mungkin bukan di dunia, tapi di akhirat kelak. Jangan sempitkan keinginan awak hanya pada dunia sahaja. Awak tak percaya Qada' dan Qadar ke?


Friday, February 06, 2009

In between studying. Hehhe. =P

1. Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe opened its first shop in 1997. Today, the name Secret Recipe has become a household name not only in Malaysia but also in overseas, including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Philippines. The shop offers more than 20 types of fusion food, cake and pastries, and a various range of ice creams and beverages. Secret Recipe’s rapid success has earned the brand various awards that include Top 50 Enterprise 2007, Homegrown Franchise of The Year Award 2007, International Franchisor of The Year 2007 and many more.

2. Marrybrown

Perhaps the less popular fast food franchise brand in this country, with the likes of McDonalds and KFC seem to be dominating the market. However, Marrybrown has tasted much success outside of its own country, particularly in the Asia and Middle East region. The company was founded in 1981, and today owns more than 200 outlets in Malaysia, China, India, Sri Lanka, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. It is also in the planning stage to enter Tanzania, Syria and Republic of Iran. Also, a recipient of multiple franchise awards.

3. Nelson’s

Nelson is the first company in Malaysia that introduced corn-in-cup concept in Malaysia, where sweet corns are sold via mini-sized kiosks, located strategically in major shopping complexes. The name originated from the founder himself, Nelson Kwok. Nelson operates in Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China and Turkey. In 2006, Nelson has the most number of oversea outlets among all Malaysian franchisors in 2006. Nelson’s other products include ice cream yogurt, ais krim potong, waffle cone ice cream, fruit juices and RO water.

4. 1901 Hotdog

1901, famous for its American-style hot dogs, was co-founded by a wife-and-husband team, Tengku Rozidar Zainal Abidin and Ahmad Zakir Ja’afar. Tengku Rozidar was a former journalist for TV3 and RTM before quitting her job and decided to jump into the entrepreneurship bandwagon. The two were on their way to buy an American franchise right, and while waiting in the airport in the US, an idea struck their mind to start selling American hot dog style in Malaysia. 1901 started as a small pushcart kiosk in Sunway Pyramid, and today has grown to a total of more than 70 outlets and still growing. The name 1901 was picked from the year the name ‘hot dog’ was coined.

5. Smart Reader

Perhaps the most successful educational provider franchise in Malaysia. The original Smart Reader was founded as Smart Education System in 1988 to provide early education to kids. As the years go by and as the company tastes more and more success, the services offered undergo phases of evolutions to cover junior programs, English for adults and youths, smart calculation program and so on. The business model was franchised in 1999 to provide a platform for a speedier growth and greater market reach.

6. Bonia

With its long presence and brand heritage, Bonia was accorded a place in the 30 Most Valuable Company Brands in Malaysia 2007 list. The brand is often associated with distinguished style and sophistication, with most of its products are designed based from Italian inspiration. The company was established back in the 1970s and today has presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Italy with more than 500 outlets worldwide. Bonia Malaysia, through its subsidiaries, involved in the designing, manufacturing, marketing and retailing of fashionable goods and products.

7. Metro Driving Academy

Metro Driving Academy obtained its license 1997 to operate a driving school in the area of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Today, you can hear their commercials frequently on popular radio stations. Apart from the normally offered general driving course, the academy also provides advanced driving courses, Good Driving License and Public Service Vehicles license. The Road Transport Department (JPA) once awarded Metro Driving the Best Driving Academy in Malaysia based on the professionalism in the operation and administration.

8. England Optical

England Optical Group is presently the largest optical chain store in Malaysia. It is also the first optical store to provide franchise opportunities for keen investors and aspiring entrepreneurs. England Optical also offers owner-operator franchise, where investors only need to plough some investment into the franchise scheme to qualify as an England Optical franchisee. Additionally, small-scale optical shop operators are also welcome to be part of the group’s franchise chain.

9. Jukebox

Jukebox may be more associated with music, but this one Jukebox is not - it is essentially a shoe retailer company. However, the name itself, which was born some 20 years ago did get the inspiration from the music playing device called the Jukebox. Jukebox was established by Leow Chow Ngee who shares a dream to create shoe retailing system that benefits the partners. The company also has a vision to provide quality shoe wears at affordable and low prices to the every day consumers.

10. Laksa Shack

Laksa Shack operates under the name of Sierra Circle Sdn Bhd which was established in 1996 with a goal to provide a diverse range of ‘laksa’ - Asian specialty delicacy to middle income customer base. The first outlet was opened in Jaya Shopping Center which serves local delicacies, specialty coffee with a wide variety of noodles which later becomes its signature offering. Laksa Shack is currently under a massive plan to increase its franchise operation.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Inevitable

The future is right now.

Take a leap of faith. Be brave to change.

It's worth it.

Monday, February 02, 2009

For you, the one reading this

Untie yourself. Get rid of the knots. Forgive your father. Forgive your mother. Forgive your brothers. Forgive your sisters. Forgive your children. Forgive your lover. Forgive your teachers. Forgive your heroes. Forgive a late ride. Forgive cold food. Forgive working late. Forgive being 5 cents short. Forgive those who have wronged you. Forgive those who will wrong you.

The last knot is always the hardest. It’s also the most important.

Forgive yourself.

And then you are free.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Excuses, excuses, excuses: I've had enough!!

The thing is, you have to be brave to be strong and stand up to what you believe in.

What do you believe in? You say justice and equality, you say peace and harmony, you say true beauty, the beauty of the human soul, you say the freedom to live the life that every human being is entitled to in serenity.

But when the only choice (from the safety of your own cozy couch at home) you have to make to show that you are 'man' enough is to choose to stop funding the Zionist cruelty towards innocent people, you cower in pitiful excuses, you grovel in the mud of your own lowly desires, you put your own piteous wants above the tremendous value of a human's life.

I have voiced out my thoughts, I have extended my hand of invitation for you to jump in the wagon of faith for what is right, for what is true. The choice now is in your hands.

If you choose to be a coward, if you choose to be self-indulgent,
then you have to ask youself,
how much blood are in your hands?
when is this ever going to end?