Monday, January 25, 2010


Of reversion generally he stated: “I use the word revert because, I mean, everyone uses convert because that is just a Western ideal. You know (in the Western context) that you have converted to something. But when you look into Islam I guess you realize that the term Muslim just means it comes from Islam, Right? It is a statement of what you are. So Islam means to submit your will to God; to do what God asks you to do; whereas a Muslim is someone who is doing it. So if you are not doing what God has asked you, you are not a Muslim.

So, in effect, Muslim is not a noun, it’s a doing word (a verb). Therefore, my tree in the backyard is doing what God asked it. The tree is Muslim to me, you know! It’s submitting its will to God. Everything has energy. So when you’re born, you’re Muslim, you know! ‘I’m hungry’ - you cry - that’s Islamic you know,” he says laughing. “You are acting in accordance with your nature, and it’s only when you get a little bit older, and people teach you stuff, that you go away from Islam because you take on someone else’s ideals. Then when you want to come back, you revert, because you were already Muslim when you were born.”

-Abu Bakr, an Australian revert-

MUSLIM: It's not a noun, it's a verb. You have to do it. We are considered a Muslim because we do what a Muslim should do; submit ourselves to Allah's will. So let's be frank with ourselves, have we done what we are suppose to do? If we haven't, then consider this... are we really a Muslim after all?

Strive and Allah will help you through!

A short message by Arifah Abd. Rahim.


Trust is a hard thing.

Trust is allowing someone else to do and be for you.
Trust is giving away power and telling secrets and sharing things that you would never want anyone else to know.
Trust is using faith. Faith in another person's decisions, and choices, and knowledge.
Trust is when you know that the other person would do everything in their power for you if you needed them.
Trust is knowing that they will never let you down if they can help it.
Trust is not needing to speak, because the one you can rely on is there.

Trust is hard.

Trust requires being vulnerable.
Trust needs to be returned.
Trust cannot be fleeting.
Trust requires more than a passing glance.

Trust is hard.

Trust leans.
Trust waits.
Trust hopes.

Trust is hard.

Trust is giving a piece of yourself to another knowing it will be safe.
Trust is giving a piece of yourself to another not knowing if things will change.

Trust is hard.

Sometimes, trusting means you will be disappointed and let down.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Problems are problems

You don’t have to love every single part of your job. You have to love the final product. What makes you motivated is not that you are laying bricks all day long, but the idea that you are building a mansion. The process itself can be boring, but if you have a purpose, it will motivate you. Follow up and follow through, till the end. That is where the prizes are.

Quoting my sister:

Everyone has problems,
the difference is how we handle them. Or should I say, tests from Allah?

There, you see.. enlightenment sometime comes from the most unexpected places.
Let's see how I handle them this time around. Pray with me!