Sunday, August 27, 2006

A reflection of thyself

It's a really weird feeling when you're told you have a certain quality that you didn't think you had before.

Take me for instance. I don't think so but quite a handful of my friends have told me that I'm really really independent. Not that I'm boasting because I think its total rubbish. I don't feel I'm independent. I don't know what to do most of the time. I stumble. I fall.

However, them telling me got me thinking, looking over my past actions to come to a conclusion that I may be independent after all. It's just I've never realised it. I could hold my own against most things thrown my way. I think I won't be able to survive life in a boarding school but I'm actually having a blast there. I rarely (because no one can do everything on they own. That's why we have organisations) depend on others to help me with my assignments. I don't need someone to push me to do the things I know I have to do. It's necessary and if I don't do it, who will? So just maybe, maybe I am independent after all.

The whole point of this post (yes I do have a point to make) is to persuade YOU to listen. Listen to what others think of you. Reflect. See if it's really true. And change if necessary but keep if it's a positive thing. You may know your needs best but the one who knows you best is the people around you.

Disclaimer: This entry is written by Afifah (not me!) in her Friendster's blog. Thanks for the reminder kiddo. We 'old' folks really need it for time to time I guess! =P

Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's a sad sad day

Before the story is told to the world by my mum, I want to make the announcement myself.

I am getting married on...

..... the day I get married! Hehhe. Pathetic joke I know. Like how I feel. It would have been very very very funny if it had happened to someone else. Hahha. My handphone has been flushed down the toilet bowl by non other than her own owner, moi. Me getting married? That's a bluff. But this? Never been truer than ever. You want the details, wait until mama grill updates her blog. And then you can nominate it as joke of the century.

-sad case-

ps: I'll try to get back my old number. So, to those who have my number, keep it. I'll inform on any change of events.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Long for your past,
Prepare for your future,
Know nothing's gonna last,
Life is but a road,
A straight and narrow path,
To our final abode,
But you are never alone,
Allah is always there.

Been busy here and there. Coping with new things to learn and comprehend given such a short while. But can't complain! If Hiyoshi, Sofi, Sol and the other 116 of my classmates, and oh, not forgetting all those who're still studying, head burried in books most of the time (read: silly attempt to be a drama queen) can survive, so can I!!

Turning to a joyous occasion, one of my friends from high school entered wedded bliss at the age of 20 with (brace yourself) a 32 year old Pakistani. Well, they did say love is blind. It's just that it's so overwhelming to see someone you spend 5 years of your teenage-angst-roving years with, the one you faught-laugh-cried with, get whisked away by a knight-stranger in shining armour never to return again. Right. Being a tad bit dramatic there. But anyway, you get the drift. =P

That's about it. Toodles~

PS: Prayers for our brothers and sisters who're Jihadi fi Sabilillah particularly those in Lebanon and Palestine. May Allah guide their souls.