Thursday, April 30, 2009

And so what has been written

When you look into the vast ocean, what do you see? When you look up above to the space beyond the sky, what are you thinking of?

To be able to see beyond what is apparent would be a gift truly special to attain. Knowing that there is something out there governing the whole universe, you just have to stop and really let it seep into your whole being to finally grasp...

...the true meaning of peace and tranquility.


Monday, April 20, 2009

I like this feeling, I wish you could feel it too...

Hidayah itu ku temu kembali,
Girang sungguh rasa di hati,
Menyahut pasti seruan Ilahi,
Demi Dia yang aku cintai.

-Indescribable Feeling-

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is my gift to you

"Yikes! I'm ooooooold. How did it happen overnight?"

You will come to a point in life when that realization hits you that you've actually grown older (and wiser?). When you've accepted the fact that nobody's perfect, even the superman and superwoman of your life.... your own parents.

The SuperMan

Abah have been the one I always look up to. As a child, he was the archetype of fun and excitement. Always the adventurous person, he once drove the whole family to Bangkok, Thailand from Malaysia which was more than 2000 kilometers away from the state border. Yes, the picture above is proof of that daringness he posses. (My mum took the picture I think, the rest of us were sleeping soundly in the car)

He was never the serious dad. Lame incomprehensible jokes were his trademark. When we didn't laugh, he would laugh at his own jokes which would eventually cracked us into fits of laughter not because of his jokes but because of his ability to make a clown out of himself. Jangan marah Bah! ;-)

But then, his wisdom is undeniably great. To say that he is widely read, I would say, is an understatement. To me, his astuteness goes beyond what is printed in books or papers. Abah, I always cherish the interesting and intelligent conversations we had. The way I view life itself has been shaped by those, perhaps insignificant at that time, yet judicious chats.

Sometimes, however, his talent to shut himself off from the things he does not think important kind of ticks me off. You started talking to him, telling such and such, assuming he's listening when suddenly he'll say"Apa kakak cakap tadi?", after you already talk to him like for half an hour already! Hmm, is this why my mum likes to babble? Hehhe.

Regardless of his limitations, because of what he had taught me, not merely by words but most importantly with his actions, I have developed the ability to not judge people at face value. But to always accept them with all the shortcomings that they have, for life may not have treated them well before. This, my father teach. Thank you for this wonderful gift, dad.

The SuperWoman

I love this pic! You see that determined look on my mum's face? That's how strong-minded and stubborn she is in real life. And with that determination, she has prowled the world protecting us from all evils.

It is easy to misunderstand her strictness with headstrongness and defiance. Being around her, you either have to develop a flair to defend yourself, break down in tears or get stuck in silent rebellion. You either have to prove that you are able or else, you're not. You have to show that you are strong.

I guess (to those who know me), now you can tell where I get my garang-ness eh? =D

I used to dislike (to use a gentler word, hehhe) my own mum. Yes, I'm being very honest here. But that's how we grow up to see our parents right? When we were little toddlers, mums were to us Angels from heaven. When we grow older, they were always the person we see as a barrier to our freedom. When we turn into pigheaded teenagers, they always seemed to us a person we could never relate to. But when we finally attain the faculty of insight (or else become mothers ourselves), they are forever our stars!

So, as my father has given me the gift of wisdom and acceptance, thus my mother has bestowed upon me the gift of courage and confidence.

Love and devotion

We all have our vices. But that's how God created us, because only then can we learn from each other and understand the power of communication and connection.

My Abah and Ibu, they are not perfect beings, they never were. But they have been the beacon of my existence, the reason I am the unique person I am now. Without them, I would be nothing.


I love you both to bits.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tiny Tots

Anas (Radhiallaahu Anhu) always
greeted children as he passed them,

saying that he did so because he had observed
the Prophet (SAW) doing the same thing.

The Prophet (SAW)
was fond of playing with
the little daughter of Umm Salama, Zainab 4.
He called her 'Zwainab! Zwainab!' repeatedly,
like parents call their babies as they play with them.

The Prophet (SAW)
carried Umaama (Radhiallaahu Anha),
his grand-daughter, while praying.

He put her down gently when he prostrated.

(All 3 hadiths were reported by Bukhaari/Muslim)

I have always been extremely fond of children. Although the opposite may be said about their respond towards me. Hehhe. When I enter a room, my eyes, my being, my heart, have a special detector where it can locate even the smallest baby or the most quiet kid strutting around somewhere. Without even realizing that my own two feet were moving, I'd almost always caught myself amazed to realize that I was already holding that poor little thing whose face always looked like she's trapped by her viscous step mother.

Why poor you might ask? Well, you can experience it yourself if you'd like, but then you 'd have to shrink yourself and pretend like you're less than 4 years old (pick any age! below =P). Because even though I like them very much, when it comes to handling them gently, I am the epitome of Mama SHREK! Or almost an exact imitation of SCULLY in the cartoon Monster Inc. when he first met Boo.

Yes. Yes. I can't help it. Those babies are all too cute for their own good! Habis kena ngomol-ngomol dengan saya. Rasakan!

Muahahaha. (Evil laughter inserted here)

Anyway, I have gone waaaaay out of making my point here. I just wanted to say that when I found the Hadiths up above, I was very much pleased. Selama ni, saya selalu (note: almost all the time) kalau jumpa budak saya akan tegur atau buat perangai kebudak-budakan jugak supaya dorang nak kawan/ suka saya. Tapi sekarang saya lagi lah suka nak buat, sebab kalau saya buat dengan niat yang betul untuk ikut sunnah Nabi at the same time nak gembirakan adik-adik comel tu, wah, banyak pahala saya dapat kumpul. Free-free jek!

Lantaklah orang cakap saya tak sedar diri dah tua pun. =p

Take home message untuk semua: carilah sunnah Rasul dalam setiap apa yang kita buat. InsyaAllah, it will help us become a true Muslim in every sense.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

An admonition for the absentninded

A reminder for myself.

"And We will remove whatever ill-feeling would have been in their hearts against one another; canals will be flowing underneath them and they will say, "Praise be to Allah, Who has guided us to this Way: by ourselves we would not have been able to find the Way, if Allah had not guided us. The Messengers sent by our Lord had really come, with the Truth. " At that time a voice will be heard saying, "This is the Paradise, of which you have been made heirs; it has been given to you for the good works you did." (Al-'Araf, 7:43)

This refers to a fine happening that will take place on the occasion of the entry of the faithful into Paradise. On the one hand, they will not be boastful that they have gained Paradise by their good works, but will be grateful and thankful and will praise Allah, saying, "All this is due to Allah's grace, for we did not deserve this. " On the other; Allah will not even hint that it was due to His favor, but will say, "You have gained this by yow services and in return for yow own earnings. This is not a piece of charity but a reward of your own efforts, a fruit of yow own labor; it is a respectable living that you have earned" . To add to His grace, Allah does not say, "We will reply" but "they will hear a voice."

In fact the servants of Allah behave like this in this world also. Unlike the workers of iniquity, they do not become proud of any worldly success and say, "This is the result of ow own ability, work and effort," and then grow even more rebellious, and spread disorder in the world. In contrast to these rebels, the true servants of Allah consider every worldly success as His favor and are thankful and grateful to Him. The more they are favored by Him, the more humble, generous and merciful they become. They do not rely on their good works and say, "We an quite sure that we shall get salvation". Instead of this, they beg Allah's pardon for their shortcomings and rely on His grace and mercy, and they are always filled with the fear lest their accounts should turn out to be unfavorable against them.

A Tradition of the Holy Prophet related both by Bukhari and Muslim, confirms the above-mentioned thing. Once he warned his Companions, saying, "You should know that you will not get entry into Paradise merely by virtue of your works". They asked, "Is it we of you also?" He replied, "Yes, I, too, shall enter Paradise merely by Allah's grace and mercy."

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ordinary perhaps; but a miracle nontheless!

Today, I was given the chance,
to live and breath still.

We wake up every morning, sometimes never realizing the small small things that makes life so much more meaningful than it already is. Be thankful that this very second you are able to witness so many miracles around you. It's the ordinary stuff that makes life so much more special for us. Thank you Allah!

It’s not that unusual
When everything is beautiful.
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

The sky knows when its time to snow,
Don’t need to teach a seed to grow.
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

Life is like a gift they say
Wrapped up for you everyday;
Open up and find a way
To give some of your own.

Isn’t it remarkable?
Like every time a rain drop falls,
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

Birds in winter have their fling
But always make it home by spring.
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

When you wake up everyday
Please don’t throw your dreams away;
Hold them close to your heart
Cause we’re all a part
Of the ordinary miracle.

Ordinary miracle.
Do you want to see a miracle?

It seems so exceptional
That things just work out after all.
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

Sun comes up and shines so bright
And disappears again at night.
It’s just another ordinary miracle today.

Mencari RedhaNya

Bumi Allah itu luas. Carilah pahala di setiap penjurunya.

"Biar tiap derap langkah kite di bumi Allah ni
Menjadi saksi yang seluruh jasad dan roh kita
Hanyalah memikirkan tentang da'wah dan tarbiyah
Jangan ade rase untuk futur pun
Kerana pertolongan Allah ada dimana-mana"
- Seorang adik yang jauh tapi dekat di hati

Friday, April 03, 2009


All high school science education is a lie in some sense, because they are just teaching the "answers", but science is about formulating the questions. They don't teach anything about how science is actually done until university. I remember some show on TV showing kids guessing that wind was made by the trees waving back and forth. The show was like, ha ha, kids are dumb. But those kids were doing SCIENCE. They observed an effect and hypothesized a plausible cause. A real science education would help them create an experiment to test their theory, and when it was proven wrong, revise it.

No wonder I hated science in school!

Pesanan dari si Akak

Jaga iman!