Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just my two cents

Have you ever wished that you have the ability to read people's mind. Because then everytime you have to confront them, you don't have to waste half your time guessing what they're thinking and the other half anticipating what they think of you. But then again why care about what people think of you when it doesn't bring any benediction to the profound greatness of your life?

But wait.

What is it about people that makes it so hard to capture their very essence. To penetrate into the deepest thoughts that linger in their very own ingenuity? To discern between their truest emotions and their incapicated feelings; which they thrust upon your very being that you often allow yourself to indulge in them until it's too late for you to realize that it is not really what they feel inside.

Think about it.

How many times have you misunderstood a friend's harmless jesting gesture as a stab at your own inadequacy? How many times have a child's mess you regard as a test to your supreme serenity when in fact with the purest of heart all the child wanted to do was help? Remember the countless times you thought your parents were wrong and they were indeed right all along? What about the inconsistent thoughts that your brother might be a serial killer because he likes to bully you when in reality he just doesn't have the capability to relate his inner self to those he loves most? Ok, I might be overdoing that last point.

But still.

So please, the next time you're pissed.. stop and think what it's all really about before you bash someone's head off.

So long! =)


Mama Sarah said...

the malay term is 'jangan cepat melenting'. bonda saya sentiasa berkata, 'fikir 14 kali dulu, sebelum buat sesuatu...'

Anonymous said...

i thoroughly agree on that.

people dont think much. but really, trying to figure out what other think is quite exhausting.

and i always dislike how i analyze everything after doing something or meeting someone. it irks the heck out of me, and yet i just cant shake the habit off. sometimes, i would get all worked up (sebab perasan embarassed myself ke) over nothing at all. sheesh.

Anonymous said...

i have 6 senses :P
actually, i'm tired of thinking of what other people might think of myself all the times..
but dont all of us do that?
might as well stop thinking for the sake of living..peacefully..

Munie said...

cekpahhh.. boleh read ppl's mind ni macam cite HEROES laa.. hehehe

me miss u! mwahhhhh

sarahss said...

afie..the best people who can read your mind are those people who no matter what you do, in what sense you are, they will have that mutual understanding to even comprehend your simplest, most minor change of attitude. In other words, they regard your rage as humour, and sarcasm as compliments for self-esteem. They are, what you call, soul mates.


Arifah said...

Mama Sarah: Hmm.. that's new, fikir 14 kali sebelum sesuatu.. kenapa tak 27 kali ke? Hehhe. Kidding. Tapi betul, kena fikir banyak2 kali sebelum buat sesuatu. =)

Nana: Eh eh don't stop thinking! God gave you brains, use it well. =)

Munie: Cik kak, me mish u too. =P

Sarah: well then, I think.. I've found mine.. ;)

Arifah said...

Pb: I'm an overanalyzer too! Nothing wrong with it, just extra headaches sometimes. Hehhe. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am selfish and I think of myself all the time. Before internet era, we don't think out aloud about other people in relation to us, to the world. We don't even think of others at all may be.