Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some food for thoughts

An understanding beyond cognizance:
  • People who are loud are those whose childhood life are unconcluded, who did not get the attention that is necessitate by the nature they're born with.
  • Those who seem quite but at peace with themselves.. they're the ones born into a devotedly loving family.


Abez said...

Is there a third category for people who are quiet due not to stillness, but shyness? Cuz I spent most of my life in that category, and I think it had to do more with my nature than my parents. AllahuAalim. :)

Nice blog!

KimkatKeBlack said... i belong to the 'loud' category?? If i do, so will you, tak?? hehehe. oowh. atau pon arifah hanye biseng b'same2 kwn2nye shj..(same laa tuh, loud jgak!)

ifos said...

What about those who are loud AND at peace with themselves? Hahaha..

Arifah said...

Abez, jamie, ifos: I think in the end it all comes down to the individuals themselves, aite?

Anonymous said...

I'm LOUD coz my mum's LOUD too!
You know her right...:P