Friday, April 13, 2007

Yesterday and today!

12/04/2007 : Happy 22nd anniversary Ibu and Abah!
May your life together be filled with love and hapiness always.
I love you.

Happy Birthday dearest friend!
The friendship has always been like eating candy. Yumm yumm.
(That's me and Sofi 3 years back, jeez, I've put on A LOT of weight. =P)


ifos said...

And jeez, I was really plum back then! Hehehe... Afie, I'm touched. Thanks a lot for remembering!! Hehehe.. ;)

ifos said...

And oh, Happy Anniversary to both your parents ;)

Mama Sarah said...

1. happy anniversary to ibu dan abah afie.

2. happy birthday Sofi.

3. 1st time lihat gambar afie dari depan ;) ;) ;)