Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Housemates of the year award

Ayu: the audibly high-sounding ear-piercing boombox.

It has been almost 9 years of a head-splitting relationship. But I can never ask for a more splendid sidekick. *hugs*

Mama: the momma of the house.

Your guts can be quite an intimidation to others. It annoys me. It makes it all the more easier to adore you. *wink*

Munie: the jolly-good-fella.

Your insight sometimes suprises me. Your smile and laughter is infectious. And dude, I have to say this, you do have a sexy bod. Ngahahaha. =P

Uya: the goody-two-shoes.

True to her description, uya is a girl with the biggest heart I have ever known. Sometimes girl, you think too much of others, you forget to think of yourself. But there are times... well that you can refer to her roomie. I rest my case. Hehhe. (",)

Mimi: the sweetest one of all aka my roomie.

The person who sat beside me and listened to my ugly ugly thoughts, and still love me the same. This is that someone who said "Tell me everything. No matter what you tell me, I won't change my view of you I promise. Because --- is not my friend. You are," and gave me the courage to stand up to my beliefs. Thank you. =)

Wanny: the make up artist.

The beauty queen of the house. There's a slight drawback though, she's immune to slapsticks to the point where the others sometimes feel like strangling her. Muahahaha. =P

Wawa: the anti-social.

Hahaha. Hehehe. Huhuhu. Go and get married already!! =P

Love you guys to bits.


Abez said...

Sorry about calling you Saira, I have no idea where in the air I pulled that name out of, lol


KimkatKeBlack said...

seronot...very sweet of u..ade award lagi..jeles plak kt org dok msia nih....

Arifah said...

Abez: No problem. =)

Jamie: Hehhe. Jelez kat org duk overseas. =P

Anonymous said...

Ayu: the audibly high-sounding ear-piercing boombox.

Oi oi.
Can you NOT exaggerate? :P

it's jenn. said...

sgt chumil laaah..


ifos said...

What is life without friends eh..? My salam to Ayu... matric seems like such a long time ago. ;)