Monday, April 16, 2007

My baby =)

My 1G iPod shuffle.

I wish! Well, it is a white mp3 player with a 1G space of memory. But sadly, it is NOT an iPod shuffle. Hehhe. I wanted to post a picture of my new baby but I can't find any on the net and my mum who's in London right now is having fun with my digital camera. So I guess you have to improvise your imagination of this iPod into my new mp3 player.

Yeah, yeah. I have to put this into writing: the player (I mean the real one) is courtesy of my ever dearest dad. Thank you Abah. Love you. *smooches*

Now, I have a decoder to help me memorize scribes, something to listen to when I'm bored and a companion to keep me company. What a gain!


Mama Sarah said...

wah ada new toy :)

nurul amirah said...

lovely n pretty~

Madame A said...

Do I have to pay you for the usage of the digi-cam? went to Arsenal Stadium as well :)